Welcome to ALLENOGRAPHY Legacy Videos

Allenography provides artistically edited, compelling video stories that show an individuals passions and life story in a dynamic legacy video.  As an award winning newspaper photojournalist at the Tampa Bay Times formerly known as the St. Petersburg Times I am uniquely qualified to provide compassionate storytelling videos with artistic flair that are edited for brevity and impact.  For years, it has been my privilege to interview, photograph and videotape subjects around the world.  I’ve interviewed hundreds of people, sometimes in extreme situations yet always taking the time to make each individual feel at ease.  It is this history that affords me a track record rivaled by few in the Personal Historian and Legacy video field.  My passion to tell intimate stories about individuals and leaving their legacy for the world was the driving force behind me entrée into journalism and is the reason Allenography will provide you with a legacy video and a piece of history for generations to come. 





When a person dies it’s like a 

library burns down.